Sunday, 26 July 2009

AbduSalam Al Hosaini - Naseem Habbat 'Alayna

. Sunday, 26 July 2009

نسيم هبت علينا من حمى المصطفى
A breeze breathed on us, from the chosen prophet’s (Al Muhammad) land

نسيم فيها الهنا فيها الدوا والشفاء
a breeze that have joy, have treatment and remedy

بشمها يصلح الظاهر لنا والخفاء
By breathing it, the exterior and interior is fixed

يا بخت من للنبي في كل حال إقتفى
How lucky the person, who follows the prophet in all conditions

على قدم صدق مع أهل الهمم و الوفاء
With believers, who are the owners of energy devotion and loyalty

هم الرجال الأكابر هم هم الشرفاء
They are the men with pride, they are reputable

هم أهل الاسرار هم أهل النقا والصفا
They are the kindered of purity and serenity

يا حادي أسجع فحالي بالنبي قد صفا
Oh singer of camels rhume, my condition with prophet is clear

إذا بدت عين جود الله عنا عفا
If Allah generousness comes, Allah will pardon us

ألله حسبي ونعم الحسب حسبي كفى
Allah suffices me, how good my suffinciency, Allah is enough for me

منه المواهب ومنه العافيه والشفاء
from Allah all the grants, good health and remedy

يا واسع الجود ربي خير عافي عفا
Oh my God, the generous, my God is best who heal, he forgives

أمنن علينا برفقة عبدك المصطفى
Please Allah award us with the company of your servant, the chosen (prophet Mohammad)

أسلك بنا نهج من لهديه إقتفى
let us follow the way of whom followed his right way

نثبت بديوان وراث النبي الخلفا
And make us steady by the holy book and the followers of the prophet

بجاه أحمد حبيب الله كنز الوفاء
for Ahmad (prophet Mohammad) sake, who Allah loves, the treasure of loyalty

عليه صلى إلهي ما الحيا وكفا
On him my Allah prayed for the rest of the life and enough

والآل والصحب ما برق السما رفرفا
And the family and associates as long as the sky lightning keep coming

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